In our eyes, the longer a piece of content’s lifespan, the better.

eBooks are the perfect example of this – a format that’s easily expanded when the market changes. There are infinite ways to promote eBooks too. Social media is a blank canvas, the content is your paintbrush – you simply have to start painting your picture.

This is why our own library keeps growing and spans topics like which business awards to enter, 7 important lessons we’ve learned working in PR and a blockbuster resource on event marketing.

Our awards eBook is a firm favourite, a compact guide to the difficult-to-navigate realm of business awards and advice on how to cut through the endless programmes out there.

The original compendium included 6 prestigious awards that ambitious businesses should consider entering. This time we’re back with a second edition, offering even more advice for marketers and business owners and doubling the awards count.

There are awards celebrating everything from revenue growth and cutting-edge technology to incredible business people and hero CIOs.

If this guide sounds like something that could help your business, head over to this website page and get downloading or if you’d prefer us to send you the PDF directly, message us using our chatbot below and we’ll send a copy over.