When your next announcement is on the cards, ask yourself, is it newsworthy? Does the subject warrant a full press release or is it better on your company blog?

Newsworthiness is influenced by different factors, including:

  • Timing – how long has it been since your last announcement?
  • Day – psst. avoid Fridays
  • Audience – does the targeted media actually cover your type of news?
  • Content – is the announcement company business or something groundbreaking?
  • Difference – has something significantly changed in your business?
  • Expectation – would updating the media still be useful for you even if coverage is less?
  • Circumstance – journalists are not machines, they have their own professional lives
  • Preference – some media have a sweet spot and rarely deviate

Sometimes press releases are a no-brainer. M&A activity. New product. Financial results.
Most press releases, however, should be carefully considered.

A new appointment story or a collection of new hires is one of the most common examples. These can be newsworthy though only within the right context.

The people joining should be fairly senior and their decision should be anchored in a positive development – i.e. growth, new services. There should be a higher-level message in play too; their appointment should genuinely elevate the company.

You can see this in action with some recent appointments from our clients in WatersTech, Comms Dealer, Business Leader, Technology Reseller and IT Reseller.

These types of story receive great coverage when they’re sent to the right journalist at the right time with the right message. What’s more, they can also lead to Q&As and interviews for extra coverage.

So, if you unsure whether your news is newsworthy, don’t fret – simply message us using our live chat or here and we will let you know.