About Us

Delivering world-class marketing and PR through strategic positioning, emotional storytelling, and exceptional tactics.

Through our clients' rich histories and own heritage, we expertly unpack the nuance, consider the optics and uncover the vulnerability, authenticity and stories your buyers love.

Who is Team Bamboo?

We're your friendly neighbourhood marketing agency. We care for each other. We fight for our clients. We believe in doing what's right to propel your business forward. For 21 years, we've stood the test of time and picked up a lesson or two along the way.

Technology flows through our veins and we've made it our calling to work with progressive innovators who know brilliant marketing when they see it.

Plain speakers. Mavericks. Kind souls. Deeply passionate experts. We unite all these qualities with our unique grasp of all the emotions that fuel exceptional marketing.

Our Values


We show compassion, support each other whenever we can, and above everything, we care.


Always listen, are courteous and welcome feedback whenever it is offered.


We patiently work on finding solutions where everyone, the individual, client, team, and business, wins.


We don't shy away from difficult conversations and are transparent when guiding clients.


Together we are constantly moving forward and refuse to sit on our laurels.

Our Story

Our journey has been a rich one. Two decades of highs, lows, wins, losses, growth and rebirth.

Bamboo has had three custodians, the latest being Marco Fiori - our self-proclaimed 'accidental leader' who stepped up in tragic circumstances. That's a story for another day.

Speaking of stories, they're our lifeblood and are what outlive marketing hype cycles, come-and-go social media platforms and flash-in-the-pan technologies. Time and time again, technology companies have leant on us to tell their stories to the world.

Together, we've navigated dramatic change and become a valued constant in our clients and community's lives. We look forward to becoming a character in yours.

Contact Marco Fiori on LinkedIn to chat about business ownership and how Team Bamboo has evolved over the years. He's always happy to talk.

Get to know the team behind Team Bamboo 
We're a diverse bunch who specialises in everything from content marketing to digital and PR.