Team Bamboo

Team Bamboo

You've discovered our secret ingredient - our people. Come on in, have a bambrew, and discover why you're one step away from feeling like you've known us forever.

By putting people at the heart of our thinking, Bamboo is here to soften the hard edges of the tech industry, making a sector that is often seen as cold and complex, approachable, accessible and human.

Welcome to Team Bamboo.

Marco Fiori

Managing Director

Bamboo was my first 'proper job' and I loved it so much, I never left. Now I own our humble home and love nothing more than helping our team grow in their lives and leaving our clients better off.

For me, it always comes down to people. Deep and meaningful chats. Doing what's right. Treating people well. Being kind.

Outside of Bamboo I'm a keen traveller, love the outdoors, and a massive gamer. I also have a pair of house bunnies who enjoy causing chaos on video calls too!

Client Services Team

Kat Gibbons

Strategic Director

I rolled a nat 20 in organisation, efficiency and strategic thinking. I'm a self-confessed tech nerd who loves helping brands achieve their long-term digital business goals.

I have a passion for getting deep into the nitty-gritty and am always striving to know the ins and outs of what Google is going to cook up next for SEO and UX.

Bamboo has given me a home where I'm comfortable sharing my passion for digital by educating our clients and team around constantly evolving digital marketing channels.

Victoria Morgan

Content Director

I’m fascinated by the way technology is changing how businesses market and operate themselves.

I’m in my element making creative content. From producing exciting collateral to designing social media graphics, I’m passionate about bringing our client’s message to life whatever the format.

I like to make sure the content we create is relevant, thought provoking and conveys our clients’ expertise so much of my time is spent keeping up to date with industry news and research to feed into our written output.

Adam Fitch

Account Manager

As a former business journalist, I'm fascinated by how companies operate and succeed. I have a history of creating all kinds of content; I enjoy making something from nothing, especially when it produces results. Combining the two helps you see why Bamboo PR is the perfect place for me.

I'm an information sponge with a can-do attitude so I'm always adding new strings to my bow. People tend to remind me how vocal and direct I can be - I'd like to believe that's (mostly) a positive thing!

Richard Joy 

Account Manager

Working with and alongside vibrant people is one of the most gratifying elements of PR for me, which is good because I spend a lot of time building new and exciting relationships!

Our team is instrumental in guiding me as I develop, but I love how I can contribute meaningfully to the team and our clients.

Helping to produce content in various formats allows me to explore my passion for words and video editing while continuing to develop my PR skills.

Operations Team

Matt Frost

Operations Manager

I was the "but why?" child, with a healthy measure of "what if..." thrown in. Now, I describe myself as a naturally curious innovator and facilitator - a much more adult description.

I love learning and looking for new ways to develop how I think and see other perspectives, making me a very talented problem solver who thrives when challenged.

I made a pretty brave and adventurous career change out of research to discover what fired my passion in a nurturing and supportive environment; I've definitely found that at Bamboo.

Katherine Whitehead 

People Manager

My background is hospitality so anything around the organisation of tasks, people, and events brings me heaps of enjoyment as well as feeling like home.

I find it gratifying to see how an idea can transform from a concept into the real deal, and I love the process of finding the best tools and resources to do this.

Supporting this wonderful team is something I feel very lucky to be able to do. Bamboo is completely invested in the idea of working to each person’s strengths, and I am learning every day from them all.

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"When I joined Ascertia as Marketing Manager I quickly developed a strong partnership with our Bamboo account team. Their attention to detail, honest and pragmatic approach has enabled us to strengthen our key messages and raise our brand profile. Bamboo are very much viewed as part of our extended marketing team and I value their support, input and ideas, both on day to day marketing tasks and on larger projects, such as our flagship partner event, at which they were invaluable."


Victoria Allen, Marketing Manager, Ascertia