We’re excited to share our new client Adverttu, a rapid growing AdTech company disrupting Out of Home advertising.

Adverttu gets brands on the road by enabling companies to advertise on cars.

For the advertiser, the outcomes are incredibly compelling. Proprietary technology enables a campaign to be fully simulated prior to launch complete with accurate CPM and reach analysis.

The cost of advertising with Adverttu is dramatically lower than other channels and it’s far more memorable, with higher ad recall, effectiveness and attribution measurement. And thanks to AI and machine learning, Adverttu’s platform’s impression calculation increases in accuracy over time.

For drivers – of which there are already 10,000 of them – Adverttu lets you earn as you drive, turning it into a money-making machine without any change to your driving habits.

You simply drive around as normal, wait to be matched with eligible campaigns, and then take your car to be wrapped. Once completed, it’s onto the next one.

Drivers can earn up to £150 per month and there are tons of exciting perks available too via Adverttu’s app.

With so many benefits for advertiser and driver alike, it’s no wonder the press have taken to Adverttu, with feature coverage in Techworld already secured, and an article in Decision Marketing and Q&A at Growth Rocket in the works.

Drive on over to www.adverttu.com to find out more about the company.