Out of home advertising sensation, Adverttu, has appeared on Bamboo’s blog numerous times over the last few months.

This included a blog covering why Adverttu positively disrupts transit advertising, the perks drivers receive with the company’s mobile app, and Q&A coverage in entrepreneurial celebrator, Growth Rocket.

This time we’re looking at how Adverttu’s team has met demand from advertising, marketing and media buying agencies, in-house brand managers and marketers, and passionate local business owners and services.

It grew its team, that’s how, and with our help this news appeared in Mobile Marketing and Business in the News, and generated other opportunities in CAT Magazine, Business Vision and Automotive World.

Adverttu CEO and founder, Artjom Jekimtsev, had this to say about the development:

“We’re building something special. Our people hail from all over the world, creating an inclusive, experienced team who love turning our clients’ creativity into memorable on-car advertising campaigns that turn heads.”

Journalists love growth and this is a great example how a fast-growing team drives industry press coverage and acts as a compelling talking point for us to arrange other PR opportunities.

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