The machines have arrived

And they're not going to market themselves...

The World Has Changed

Disruption is coursing through every industry, businesses are innovating rapidly, and AI and machine learning companies are at the forefront of this digital transformation.

As the smartest minds merge data science together with human creativity, incredible things are happening in every sector. Investment is pouring into AI and machine learning.

That's where we come in - helping clients to compete in this congested market.

Companies, for example, like trailblazing Medopad that's enabling people to live longer, CBRE Romonet, which is prompting data centre operators to rethink how they run their facilities, and StoryStream's exciting AI content marketing platform that's changing how automotive brands communicate with their customers.


Just like your pioneering AI capabilities, our marketing services are constantly adapting

  • Product launches that build momentum in the AI and machine learning press
  • Investor pitch decks that win over hearts, minds and £s
  • Social media management that positions your company as the credible leader it is
  • Bylined articles on everything from AI commercialisation to technical data science
  • Roundtable events for dazzling potential customers and building advocacy
  • Influencer relations with respected industry personalities
  • And many other services...

Predictive analytics that never stops learning

CBRE Romonet's PR and marketing strategy involved analyst relations, thought leadership articles in technology, business and trade publications, blogs, press releases, case studies and many prestigious industry award wins.

The company's success is also linked to the marketing collateral, events and Hubspot lead generation campaigns we created and ran.

Nowadays, CBRE Romonet is highly respected in both the machine learning and data centre sectors and its leadership regularly comment on new trends, influencing others in the industry.

“Bamboo have expertly assisted us, not just with pure PR, but with copy production for customer case studies, draft writing and placing industry articles, and most impressively, with writing killer submissions for industry awards. Through their ability to write award submissions that really capture the judges’ imaginations, we’ve won many awards with Bamboo’s assistance.”

Hello, better healthcare

Medopad's goal is to create a world where people live longer and spend more time with loved ones.

From the moment we met Medopad's founders all those years ago, we knew they'd use technology to dramatically transform healthcare. As the company grew rapidly, AI became critical to their mission, as explained in this article we placed with Bloomberg.

As the company reaches ever higher heights, Medopad's dedicated AI division is going from strength to strength.