Acquisitions appear to be a trend amongst our clients recently.

Last November, SCC acquired then called avsnet (now SCC AVS) and shortly after that happened CBRE acquired Romonet.

In the months since CBRE’s purchase we’ve been hard at work delivering a smooth rebrand for Romonet. Officially named CBRE | Romonet now, this has included a host of marketing and PR materials:

  • New event signage with refreshed messaging
  • Brand new two pager leave behind for Data Centre World
  • Press activity for the same event
  • Social media consolidation
  • Rebranded website
  • Updated case studies

The period after an acquisition is important and needs to be carefully managed so that customers, the wider market and employees feel positive about the decision.

A competently executed rebrand plays a vital role in delivering this stability, however everything should be carefully planned out to minimise any potential confusion while at the same time ensuring the revitalised company ventures out confident in its new vision and brand.

If you’re about to embark on a marketing rebrand from M&A activity, let us know if we can help.