One of our clients, Another Number, has been hard at work the past several months. Its new app (launched in March 2017) gives busy individuals a second number on their existing device without the need for a second SIM, additional phone or contract.

The app also enables users to easily identify work and personal calls, which makes it a great tool to separate your work and personal lives. This allows users to have a great work-life balance and avoid handling work calls on their days off, if they choose to.

Here are some other features and benefits of Another Number:

  • Mobile operator reliability – uses the mobile network rather than just VoIP technology
  • Independent UK mobile number – activated in seconds to use alongside current SIM
  • No additional mobile contract or phone – works on the user’s existing device and inclusive minutes/data allowance
  • Clearly displayed work calls – all business texts and calls are identified as ‘via Another Number’
  • ‘Do not disturb’ mode – divert all work calls and texts outside of work hours
  • Voicemail transcriptions – save time by reading voicemail content
  • Environmentally friendly – only one phone to charge; less discarded phones

We’ve helped Another Number secure coverage across platforms like App Advice, Total Telecom, Sales Initiative and Engage Hub. It doesn’t stop there, we’ve also been able to arrange articles by Another Number with publications like LondonLovesBusiness, IT ProPortal, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, and Professional Builder.

Another Number is available on the App Store to download so what are you waiting for? Keep your personal number, personal.