Appointment press releases. We’re asked about their PR value all the time. So often, in fact, that we penned this blog on whether a new appointment press release is a worthwhile endeavour for your business.

Short answer – yes, they’re valuable PR activities when done for the right reasons, although generally, the person should be a senior hire, or you should wrap the story around another company milestone.

A recent example from our clients – TruNarrative’s appointment of Michael Roche, which was covered in WatersTech and other FinTech publications.

As mentioned in our short guide on appointment press releases, consider these factors:

  • Regularity – when was your last appointment?
  • Press landscape – how many media outlets in your sector cover new hires?
  • Context – is the person a new CEO rather than an operational role?
  • Uniqueness – does the appointment alter your business model?
  • Industry – is a significant news event occurring at the same time?
  • Personality – does the individual have a bold viewpoint or big reputation?

These are crucial questions to answer before you proceed and we are experienced at guiding companies through this process, so contact us to discuss whether your new hire is newsworthy.

You can speak to us about this through our live chat too.

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