StorkCard has been busy.

First its mobile app launches, now it’s reinventing joint accounts for today’s modern families.

The company has released the world’s first current account designed to help parents baby-proof their savings and receive extra support from family, friends and others in their network.

StorkCard Village is a revolutionary joint account that makes coordinating child-related spending between parents and other helpers easy.

Using StorkCard is incredibly simple, as the company’s announcement reveals: “Parents can add family, friends or other childcare providers as joint account users, and each of these (a Helper) receives their own card linked to the joint account to cover childcare costs. Parents always have the ultimate control over who can access the account and can monitor all transactions.”

With smart budgeting tools and top baby brand retail discounts also in the mix, parents can take control of spending, save money on expensive purchases, and focus on the joys of their baby, rather than the costs.

We’ve always admired StorkCard’s mission and co-founder Bruce Pannaman captures the team’s passion excellently: “Parents have always relied on family and friends (their ‘village’) for helpful support and guidance, particularly with respect to childcare. StorkCard makes it easier to ask for help because it takes the awkwardness out of the conversation.”

He continued: “Having a child is a monumentally exciting life stage, but the costs can be overwhelming. That’s where our idea for StorkCard came from – finding a way to better manage the shock of child-related costs, which only seem to go up!”

Head to StorkCard’s website to get started or contact us using our messaging service below to speak to the company.