Musion LogoIt may be known for taking the entertainment world by storm, but much of Musion’s innovation is coming from the corporate world. Excitingly, holography is no longer a futuristic pipe dream.

Many businesses are already using Musion TelePresence™ and Musion Eyeliner™ to conduct marketing campaigns, undertake remote keynote speeches and executive meetings, and boost customer engagement at corporate events.

The business potential of Musion is highlighted in a recent bylined article we organised from director James Rock. Alongside the Business Computing World article is a recent group test from Wired, one of the UK’s leading technology and culture magazines.

The publication compared a range of 3D holographic systems to see what potential they offer time-limited executives looking to make a visual impact. Unsurprisingly Musion made a real impression on the editorial staff, which you can read about here, and was considered a real player in the future of communications.

If you want to find out more about Musion or would like a press demonstration, drop us a line today.

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