Things are heating up for members of Adverttu’s driver community.

This week, the fast-growing AdTech company disrupting out of home advertising announced new driver perks and rewards with FinTech darling, Revolut, and wellbeing company, Vitl.

These perks are another reason why Adverttu is so appealing.

Not only can you earn up to £150 per month by transforming your car into a passive-income-earning money-making machine, but it’s really easy to treat your bank balance to some cool rewards, as UK Tech News shared in its story.

Quoting Adverttu CEO and founder Artjom Jekimtsev, the publication wrote:

“[Adverttu] turns our drivers’ cars into money generating assets in many ways, whether that’s getting some extra cash on the side, offering gig economy workers another simple way to earn more or lowering an individual’s monthly lease or motoring costs.”

And with plenty of other exciting rewards available through Adverttu’s mobile app (KERB, Dropless, TransferGo, Bloom & Wild and other partners), there’s something for everyone. Lots more to come too!

Head to if putting some extra pounds and pence in your pocket is on your agenda.