SMEs have it tough. Scaling a business in this current climate is no mean feat. Competition is fiercer than ever. The workplace is changing dramatically. Things can go awry with little warning.

Technology is a repeat offender at this, and more often than not it fails at the very worst time. For many SMEs out there, especially those lacking the luxuries of in-house IT expertise and large budgets, technology is a recurring thorn in their sides.

Managed service providers have emerged over the years to ease this burden, however, we know how challenging it is to find one that fits your objectives.

Some specialise in one or two collaboration services, others might focus on end-to-end services for the enterprise or adopt a cloud-only approach. The choice can be bewildering.

Ultimately, SMEs want their IT provider to be a safe pair of helpful hands, one that’s small enough to care yet large enough to excel at what they do.

IntraLAN fits that description to a tee and its CEO recently explained this by sharing that their team do not take, “an enterprise service and dilute it, but instead focus on powerful offerings built around the specific challenges SMEs face.”

This strong statement really resonates with us, which is why we’re excited to provide IntraLAN with PR services.

Our long heritage helping IT service providers raise their profile in the press, grow brand awareness and build a market-leading reputation will be put to good use. Lots of interesting news stories are on the horizon so watch this space!

If you would like to schedule a briefing with IntraLAN or want to hear how we’re helping the company, message us using our chat platform or drop by our contact us page.