We’ve discussed how important it is to be consistent with marketing content in our previous blog.

This time, we’re discussing one of our favourite types of content, one that’s essential for any business that wants to position itself as an industry expert. From the title, you’ve probably already guessed it… blogs!

The benefits of blogging are truly endless, but the most common and effective reasons are:

  • Generating new leads
  • Improving SEO
  • Humanising your brand
  • Spreading awareness

We regularly help BSO, one of our clients, with blogs.

Last month we helped write an exciting A-Z blog identifying popular financial trading technology terms. We also worked on a more technical blog, discussing the impact MiFID II has had on the financial services industry since it came into force.

Have time to spare? Check out the other things we’ve done for BSO in our showcase. We’ve worked together for a long time!

We can write in a variety of styles to bring your ideas to life or we can handle that side of things too.  Whether it’s a blog for corporate buyers or something a little more casual and consumer-facing, we’re always available for a quick chat about your next blog.

Contact us today.