Adverttu’s momentum in the media continues to grow.

Business Motoring covers fleet management news, leasing advice, car recommendations and industry developments. This time around, staff journalist Chris Wright raised the money-making potential of company cars through Adverttu.

As the publication pointed out, “vans and cars can serve as mobile billboards for your business – but what about advertising someone else’s?” before delving into the many advantages of Adverttu’s on-car advertising platform.

We already covered Adverttu’s benefits for the everyday person in a previous blog:

  • Up to £150 in your pocket every month
  • Super cool rewards and perks
  • An excellent source of passive income
  • Lower motoring costs

Then there’s SMEs, which can transform vehicles into roving adverts for additional revenue.

Businesses can work with their partners, customers and suppliers to build an impressively large advertising fleet that captures attention, raises the profiles of both companies, and drives brand awareness.

This flexibility is driving more and more businesses to work with Adverttu – an exciting prospect for any fleet manager sitting on an untouched goldmine.

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