Bylined articles and guest blogs are still a powerful way to share your message. They offer an unfiltered platform that directly influences buyers, customers and partners.

None of this is likely news to you. The benefits are well documented (just look at this write-up from 2007). What’s often underreported is the value that just one article can give your business. This includes:

  • SEO-friendly website news stories
  • Fodder for blog posts
  • Social media updates linking to the entire article or just quotes as images
  • Examples of coverage in sales proposals
  • As a basis for press features
  • Background for Q&A pitches and interview topics
  • Summarised and posted on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Collated within eBooks and other lead-gen content
  • Shared in email newsletters

If you’re at the start of your PR journey and this sounds unfamiliar to you, take a look at some recent examples from our clients. They include an article for Volo Commerce in Modern Manager, CBRE Romonet’s piece on the colocation market in Data Centre News (page 22) and DynamicIQ’s analysis of application configuration in The Stack.

The hardest part could be finding someone to manage the entire process. An article needs an idea, pitching to the press, following-up to secure the opportunity, writing and then chasing for publishing.

That’s where we excel – we handle everything from start to finish. Sound good? Let us know if you’re interested in finding out how we can help.