Hey Capital Placement, where will the next generation want to work?

Compared to some industries, the audio-visual industry can come across as a youthful, technology-driven sector still in its infancy, however it’s a lot more mature than most realise.

As a result, it’s suffering from a skills shortage.

Graduates, apprentices and those entering work straight from school are far more inclined to chase down a fast-paced FinTech company than choose an AV installer for their career.

This talent crunch is affecting the entire industry and a trend that prompted AV Magazine’s exploration of how companies can entice Generation Z to stay competitive.

This story was ideal for our client, Capital Placement, to comment on, as we helped arrange here.

Our chief mission is to raise Capital Placement’s brand awareness with ambitious students and graduates; however, it is also to educate employers on how they can attract the next generation and the advantages of offering paid international internships.

Is there a similar trend in your industry, one you feel is underreported?

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