You may have seen Capital Placement in the press recently across Totum, Verge and RecruitmentBuzz.

The sustainable paid internship provider was talking about last year’s internship trends, a collection of interesting observations on graduate and student recruitment.

As Vinay Vimalan, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, pointed out: “Last year was busy, the demand for internships soared. Students and graduates across the world are increasingly turning to the benefits of paid internships as a credible choice of career development. Our long-term opportunities in London and Singapore offer people a fantastic opportunity to build their prospects, form new connections, widen their horizons and discover what they love doing.”

The company found that:

  • Marketing and business development positions still dominate interest
  • Students and graduates have definitely fallen out of love with finance internships
  • There’s been a significant rise in demand across the fashion industry
  • Startups and scaleups are hugely popular for those entering the workplace

Capital Placement isn’t alone in the marketplace, so we play a crucial role in helping share the company’s expertise, uncovering interesting stories and getting the market’s attention.

Insight like this can produce a compelling narrative that works excellently as a press release. Offering journalists something unique really does get their juices flowing, as shown by the Gen-Z centric press coverage we secured with this story.

The big question that some of our clients struggle with is: “what story could I tell?”

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