Few founders have started a business in their teens and grown 100% organically and profitably, but that’s exactly what Vinay and Niran from Capital Placement have done.

Capital Placement opens the world up to ambitious students that want to work, travel and live abroad.

Interning internationally is daunting, which is why Capital Placement puts so much energy into each intern’s welfare. Stability in a new job and city is crucial, as is forging excellent relationships with companies searching for the next generation of talent.

This combination is Capital Placement’s secret sauce and the recipe behind their sustainable internships.

The benefits speak for themselves – after working at one of Capital Placement’s 1,500+ partner companies, 100% of interns are in full-time graduate employment within six months of completing their internship.

With such impressive results, a passionate founding pair and a diverse press landscape spanning everything from student publications, business leadership and London news, we’re excited to be working together to raise the company’s brand awareness.

Already on the way is a Q&A with Growth Rocket and stay tuned for more press coverage over the coming months.

Contact us here or via our messaging platform if you’re interested in Capital Placement.