Adapting to change: Leading an agency in the tech industry

December 5, 2023By Marco FioriBlog

The one constant in life is change. And agencies don’t half experience change by the bucketload. Our business model sees us constantly juggling client requirements, people requests, market trends and company goals. Now, throw technology as your chosen sector into the mix – a resilient industry that’s intent on never sitting still – and you … Read More

Emerging technology in digital marketing – Kat does a deep dive

November 15, 2023By Kat GibbonsBlog

New algorithms, AI tools, and changing search engine ranking factors; just an average day in digital marketing, right? Often, the job of a digital marketer or any content manager is a thankless task, one that’s often questioned about what they’re doing, what the return on investment (ROI) is, and the need to show immediate results … Read More

How to build a successful content plan

October 24, 2023By Victoria MorganBlog

Everything runs more smoothly with a well-thought-out plan so why should content be any different? As a PR and content agency we’ve created many content plans for our clients over the years. From hyper-focused projects to long-term plans of action, there are a few universal things to keep in mind when building a successful content … Read More

Bamboo Careers – Junior Account Executive

October 9, 2023By Kat GibbonsBlog

What we need Bamboo PR is hiring a Junior Account Executive for our B2B technology marketing, content and PR agency. You will: Want a work-from-home lifestyle and be self-motivated Create compelling content, enjoy writing every day and have a ken eye when editing Work on digital campaigns that span PPC, SEO, performance marketing, and Paid … Read More

What is Google E-E-A-T and why is it important?

September 28, 2023By Kat GibbonsBlog

If you’re not a marketer, Google E-E-A-T may not even be on your radar – but it should be. In the vast and ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, achieving visibility and credibility is a challenge every business faces. Google’s E-E-A-T is a set of guidelines set out to identify the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness of … Read More

Building Client Relationships is Harder Than You Think

September 13, 2023By Marco FioriBlog

  I’ve had all sorts of client relationships over the years. Some have come naturally to me; others have taken time while each side slowly learns more about each other. People are complex, after all, which causes the power balance between agency and client to be endlessly fragile. What goes into a client relationship, and … Read More

Take stock: Preparing your business for 2024 and beyond

August 31, 2023By Adam FitchBlog, Social Media

2023 isn’t over yet but it’s already been a radical year for everyone in business. Months are flying by due to the economy’s relentless volatility and sometimes it’s difficult to stay positive. There’s some solace, however, in knowing you’re not alone and that there are ways out of this sustained period of uncertainty if you … Read More

Neurodiversity in the workplace: Why it matters

August 17, 2023By Matt FrostBlog, Social Media

What’s great about humans is that we’re all unique, down to our DNA. While there’s a lot of discussion about diversity in the workplace, one aspect is often left behind: neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is something to be celebrated. Neurodivergent employees add a different perspective to your business with flair and creativity. Whether you’re unsure about neurodiversity … Read More

Should my business go all-in on new social media platforms?

August 3, 2023By Adam FitchBlog, Social Media

  Your business is investing in marketing on social media platforms. Possibly because you’ve been told it’s something successful companies must do or because you’ve seen brands like McDonald’s and Duolingo consistently garner millions of eyeballs. At the moment, new social media platforms are springing up every few months, the highest profile being Threads from … Read More

How to lead a team when you were once a peer

July 13, 2023By Marco FioriBlog

  Everyone has times in their life when boundaries are redrawn. Sometimes this is self-instigated; other times, it’s thrust upon you. ‘Premature leader’ is an apt way to describe this. For me, this occurred when our business faced a tragic event. I started running Bamboo overnight before eventually buying the company. I quickly learned that … Read More