Bamboo Basics: 3 Tips for Writing a Press Release

May 21, 2024By Marco FioriBlog

I’ve been with Bamboo for over a decade now (wow, time flies!), and in that time, we’ve written countless press releases. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, helping tons of B2B tech companies get their news out into the world. So, when our Bamboo Brand manager, Richard, asked me to share some tips on … Read More

SEO in the AI Era: Adapting to Google SGE

May 15, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

As if March’s Helpful Content and Spam algorithm changes weren’t enough, Google has announced the launch of its AI-powered search engine – Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). Organic search volatility hasn’t waned since March’s updates and the latest launch is poised to significantly change information ecosystems and digital economies. Since the initial announcement of SGE … Read More

Writing for SEO – Best Practice for Tech Businesses

May 8, 2024By Victoria MorganBlog

Google rules the internet. This is an unfortunate truth for many but one that many companies still need to come to terms with. Getting website pages onto the first page of search results produces a significant increase in traffic to your website and SEO isn’t something to fear. Rightly or wrongly, people trust the results … Read More

Why is development crucial even for business owners?

April 24, 2024By Marco FioriBlog

Running a business is a wild ride, isn’t it? It feels like every day is a school day. It is a never-ending cycle of continuous learning, mistakes, course corrections, seeking help and skills development. The best business owners are relentlessly curious, unafraid to stumble, and willing to throw themselves into the deep end. Lessons arrive … Read More

Strategic Marketing for the Quantum Apocalypse

March 15, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

The whispers have been growing louder for years. Quantum computers, once relegated to the realm of science fiction, are rapidly becoming a reality. These powerful machines, capable of harnessing the strange world of quantum mechanics, hold immense potential for innovation – but also present a grave threat. As a technology-focused agency, Team Bamboo stays at … Read More

Google Core and Spam Algorithm Updates – March 2024

March 8, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms like ChatGPT, AI-generated content has flooded the internet. Many companies saw it as a quick fix to increasing website traffic and search rankings and creating massive amounts of content in the blink of an eye. The thing is you can’t fool Google. March 2024’s Google Core and … Read More

What is a mobile-first digital strategy?

February 22, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

For decades, web admins and brands have built their websites solely on visitors coming from a desktop or laptop. Since the rise of mobile technology, the best brands have adapted to that change in visitor behaviour. With Google and other search engines now prioritising website mobile friendliness, enter the mobile-first digital strategy. Digital marketing trends … Read More

Bamboo Basics: What is thought leadership?

January 25, 2024By Marco FioriBlog

Thought leadership – a mainstay in many PR strategies, has become a little muddied in recent years. It used to be that all you needed to do was write a few articles and slap your name on them to be a leader in your field. Things have changed. These days, it’s all about the digital … Read More

Reflections on Bamboo’s 21st Year

January 4, 2024By Marco FioriBlog

Bamboo turned 21 last year, so it’s finally recognised as a grown up in the United States – ironic considering the two decades plus we’ve helped American based companies expand their reach into the UK and EMEA. This was my first full calendar year owning Bamboo, having purchased the company back in April 2022. These … Read More