Sarah Dickinson shares 3 in-house PR myths

April 9, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Guest Posts

A note from Bamboo PR: Today we’re speaking to Sarah Dickinson, a PR connection of Marco’s and Global Communications Director at Canonical – the publishers of Ubuntu. Marco has known Sarah Dickinson for some years. Every few months, they meet to compare notes on PR and the differences working in-house compared to an agency. Sarah’s … Read More

Following the trend…

April 3, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News

Journalists love data, juicy stats and enticing trends on how an industry’s changing. We used this approach for Capital Placement recently when we announced the roles international interns are gravitating towards. From marketing’s enduring popularity to startups sucking up talent, we anchored a press release around the team’s deep knowledge of their sector. This led … Read More

What happens when you pay online?

March 24, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News

Tons of authentication, verification and processing behind the scenes, that’s what! But first, a primer… We’re diving into the fascinating world of RegTech with TruNarrative, our fast-growing scale-up client that recently expanded into the United States. Unfortunately, as Tyler Lewis’ recent blog outlines, not every payment processor runs a super slick operation when it comes … Read More

Capital Placement shares some internship trends

March 16, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News

You may have seen Capital Placement in the press recently across Totum, Verge and RecruitmentBuzz. The sustainable paid internship provider was talking about last year’s internship trends, a collection of interesting observations on graduate and student recruitment. As Vinay Vimalan, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, pointed out: “Last year was busy, the demand for … Read More

Business fleets benefit from Adverttu too

March 11, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News

Adverttu’s momentum in the media continues to grow. Business Motoring covers fleet management news, leasing advice, car recommendations and industry developments. This time around, staff journalist Chris Wright raised the money-making potential of company cars through Adverttu. As the publication pointed out, “vans and cars can serve as mobile billboards for your business – but … Read More

Getting some book smarts

March 4, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

We last talked about My Social Book when the company had sold 600,000 yearbooks, an impressive achievement! This time around business is on the agenda. My Social Book’s intuitive web-based solution isn’t only for parents sharing their family news or loved-up couples fondly remembering their latest holiday together. It’s a powerful, engaging branding medium perfect … Read More

Putting some pep in your step

February 27, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

Employers up and down the country are rethinking employee perks, throwing ping pong tables to the wayside and replacing them with meaningful benefits. In the past, wellbeing would have meant a subsidised gym pass, standing desk and reusable water bottle to encourage water intake. Nowadays, wellbeing stretches to far more valuable, empathetic and rewarding benefits. … Read More

StorkCard’s coverage spans multiple industries

February 21, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News, Technology News

StorkCard’s press coverage continues to come in following its official launch. FinTech publications were the name of the game recently. TechRound, Crowdfundinsider and FinTech Futures all took a healthy interest in the company’s mission and LondonLovesBusiness delved into the benefits StorkCard Village offers expectant and new parents. And then there was coverage in Pick Me … Read More

Team UnLimbited’s Unlimited Website

February 10, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

2019 was an amazing year for charity Team UnLimbited. A permanent display at The Science Museum’s new medicine galleries. Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Ideas Festival for the second year running. Plenty of quirky and colourful arms designed. A competition with famous baker Briony May. And those were just some of our favourite highlights… All … Read More

Strap on your rocket!

February 4, 2020By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

The rocket (🚀) must be the entrepreneur’s favourite emoji; very few others capture the passion, urgency and ambition of a founder. It’s everywhere you look on LinkedIn, and for good reason – the image represents growth perfectly. We’d hazard a guess it’s also why Growth Rocket, named itself after one. The business publication is fairly … Read More