Limbering up with Yoga Fundamentals

January 18, 2019By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

Yoga. What do you picture? A young person warped into an unattainable position set against a sun-soaked backdrop? While we commend those capable of such flexibility, this vision puts many off. Another reason why people are apprehensive about yoga is because it’s difficult to achieve the correct posture to progress. So why are we, a … Read More

Saving Time and Money with What’sInStore

January 7, 2019By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

Want to keep more of your hard-earned cash? Us too. That’s the underlying principle of What’sInStore – an app and website that notifies you when your favourite products are on offer. This is because What’sInStore is highly personalised to you and you alone. No more irrelevant offers. Say goodbye to out-of-date promotions. What’sInStore sends you … Read More

0chain ends the year with coverage in The Times

December 21, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

0chain’s interview with CoinCentral wasn’t the only top tier coverage we arranged for the company. In recent weeks, 0chain also appeared in The Times with our help. The newspaper’s special report on blockchain and cryptocurrencies included a feature on the intricacies of smart contracts. Included in the feature were comments from 0chain’s founder Saswata Basu … Read More

Coin Central interviews 0chain with our help

December 10, 2018By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Client news

We’ve been working alongside 0chain for some time now, assisting them with a range of press activities such as blogs, commissioned articles, briefs and interviews. In case you’re new to what 0chain does, the company is developing the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain to provide blockchain as a service, decentralised storage and other business applications – … Read More

SCC Acquires avsnet

November 28, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

avsnet is our longest client and working together has been quite a journey. Over the many years we’ve provided PR and marketing support for avsnet, the workplace has changed dramatically and avsnet has adapted to meet the needs of its customers at every point. Earlier this month the company announced it has been acquired by … Read More

The world’s fastest enterprise blockchain…

October 30, 2018By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog

Blockchain has set the world alight. From crypto’s staggering peaks to tangible business initiatives, blockchain is all anyone can talk about. It’s a cultural movement, behavioural rethink and massively disruptive force all rolled into one. The industry is also incredibly passionate, tribal, technical and visionary. We have seen this working with our newest client, 0chain. … Read More

Blogs for days…

October 3, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog

We’ve discussed how important it is to be consistent with marketing content in our previous blog. This time, we’re discussing one of our favourite types of content, one that’s essential for any business that wants to position itself as an industry expert. From the title, you’ve probably already guessed it… blogs! The benefits of blogging … Read More

The more material the merrier…

September 17, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog

It’s always a bonus when our clients regularly upgrade their products and services as it provides us with tons of material to share with users on social media as well as with the press. Blogs, updates, and company changes – you name it! Our client Ascertia, makers of SigningHub, are a perfect example. Their included … Read More

The latest coverage for SigningHub in Computer Fraud Security

August 28, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

Working alongside Ascertia, the minds behind SigningHub, over the years has made it clear to us just how efficient e-signatures are for organisations – no matter what their size or industry is. This time around, SigningHub sought to share their expertise of e-signatures within the courts and how companies can prevent e-signatures from falling foul … Read More

Apple Wins the Trillion Dollar Race

August 6, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog, Technology News

On a stuffy August afternoon, Apple smashed through the $1 trillion market capitalisation barrier as one of the greatest turnaround stories in corporate America. This is a company that flirted with bankruptcy in its early history due to a string of failed product launches and poorly received messaging. That’s in stark contrast to the health … Read More