StorkCard appears in Wired, just as its mobile app launches

October 8, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News, Technology News

This week, something exciting launched for all the expectant parents out there – the UK’s first family finance app helping to navigate the costly adventure of raising a family. As StorkCard’s press release explains… Parents enter their budget and baby’s due date, and StorkCard’s artificial intelligence creates a personalised spending plan that predicts the costs … Read More

A Poorly Performing Digital Ecosystem Costs More Than Time

September 12, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Technology News

Actual Experience is leading its industry with its Digital Quality Score. Based on ten years of scientific research, Actual Experience’s Digital Quality Score provides, as the company describes it, “a reliable proxy for the answer businesses would get if they asked staff and customers to continuously rate their experiences of digital services.” In simple terms, … Read More

What’s #NotSoLimbited all about?

September 2, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

Each person that Team UnLimbited helps usually has a hero they look up to. More often than not, these heroes are someone famous – sometimes a public figure with a limb difference of their own. Team UnLimbited often receives design requests inspired by these heroes, so it got us thinking – why don’t we celebrate … Read More

Been Acquired? Time for a Virtual Press Tour

August 27, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

When companies are acquired, they kick into gear to re-educate the market, refresh messaging and sharpen their propositions. SCC AVS was no different. With so many long-running relationships within the trade press, its transition from avsnet to SCC AVS naturally warranted a virtual press tour. Over several months, SCC AVS’s managing director shared his vision … Read More

Behind the Scenes at the Ascertia Partner Event London

July 30, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news

Earlier this year, Ascertia welcomed its global partners to London for its inaugural conference at the Renaissance Hotel. Chock full of product updates, user case studies and success stories, the event concluded with a private dinner at The Ivy. And behind every great business event is a talented team, meticulously planning the day’s proceedings, coordinating … Read More

BSO acquires IX Reach

May 29, 2019By Monica GasparBlog, Client news, Media News, Technology News

BSO has acquired IX Reach, its third acquisition in 18 months, to become the largest privately-owned telecom operator in the world. We’ve worked with BSO for over 4 years now, so we knew exactly which press to target to gain extensive coverage across the UK, Europe and the USA. Check out some of the publications … Read More