Lend us your ear…

June 11, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Media News

Content marketing is in constant flux – as soon as you’ve figured everything out, the rules change. One minute, it’s all hands-on-deck for social media. The next, white papers are in vogue. Tracking back several years, few marketers would’ve considered audio a worthwhile activity, especially within B2B. Radio was as far as investment stretched in … Read More

Adverttu’s team keeps on growing

June 1, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Out of home advertising sensation, Adverttu, has appeared on Bamboo’s blog numerous times over the last few months. This included a blog covering why Adverttu positively disrupts transit advertising, the perks drivers receive with the company’s mobile app, and Q&A coverage in entrepreneurial celebrator, Growth Rocket. This time we’re looking at how Adverttu’s team has … Read More

StorkCard granted EMI licence 

May 21, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Signifying trust and credibility, gaining an EMI licence is a rite of passage for any fast-growing FinTech company. Provided by the FCA, its process is certainly no walk in the park – mountains of paperwork and a bucketload of patience are required. The StorkCard team know this well, having been through the necessary due diligence … Read More

StorkCard has liftoff (again)

April 22, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

We’re revisiting our good friends at Growth Rocket once again. This time the publication sat down with StorkCard, having already interviewed another passionate startup we work with, Adverttu. In the hotseat (or perhaps that should be launchpad) were co-founders Bruce and Andres, covering everything from StorkCard’s eureka moment to how the company is helping parents … Read More

Why did a PLC speak to Yoga Fundamentals?

April 13, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Thought leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Authoritative bylined articles. Guest blogs to help with search engine visibility. Partner marketing to expand a company’s reach. Branded content. Nowadays, thanks to content marketing’s popularity, every company has a blog (us included!) where they hustle, jostle and shout for attention. Large enterprises and publicly traded companies … Read More

Following the trend…

April 3, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Journalists love data, juicy stats and enticing trends on how an industry’s changing. We used this approach for Capital Placement recently when we announced the roles international interns are gravitating towards. From marketing’s enduring popularity to startups sucking up talent, we anchored a press release around the team’s deep knowledge of their sector. This led … Read More

What happens when you pay online?

March 24, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Tons of authentication, verification and processing behind the scenes, that’s what! But first, a primer… We’re diving into the fascinating world of RegTech with TruNarrative, our fast-growing scale-up client that recently expanded into the United States. Unfortunately, as Tyler Lewis’ recent blog outlines, not every payment processor runs a super slick operation when it comes … Read More

Capital Placement shares some internship trends

March 16, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

You may have seen Capital Placement in the press recently across Totum, Verge and RecruitmentBuzz. The sustainable paid internship provider was talking about last year’s internship trends, a collection of interesting observations on graduate and student recruitment. As Vinay Vimalan, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, pointed out: “Last year was busy, the demand for … Read More

Business fleets benefit from Adverttu too

March 11, 2020By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news, Media News

Adverttu’s momentum in the media continues to grow. Business Motoring covers fleet management news, leasing advice, car recommendations and industry developments. This time around, staff journalist Chris Wright raised the money-making potential of company cars through Adverttu. As the publication pointed out, “vans and cars can serve as mobile billboards for your business – but … Read More