Apple Wins the Trillion Dollar Race

August 6, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog, Technology News

On a stuffy August afternoon, Apple smashed through the $1 trillion market capitalisation barrier as one of the greatest turnaround stories in corporate America. This is a company that flirted with bankruptcy in its early history due to a string of failed product launches and poorly received messaging. That’s in stark contrast to the health … Read More

Are You Ready for Google Duo?

August 19, 2016By Bamboo PRBlog, Technology News No Comments

Google released Duo this week, its direct challenge to Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype. Will Duo succeed like Google’s search and advertising products? Or, will it suffer the same fate as other ambitious projects such as Wave and Google Glass? These are the types of questions being debated by industry commentators. Some are saying Duo … Read More

Looking Back on 2015

December 23, 2015By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Technology News No Comments

The pace of technology can be relentless. As 2015 comes to an end, it’s worth looking back on a year of change. One example is the data centre, which has transformed descargar programa para espiar serio from operational responsibility to a business unit with incredible value. We all rely on data centres at work, at … Read More

How We Are Helping Protect Apple Users From Flashback.G With Intego

March 2, 2012By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Client news, Technology News No Comments

We’ve been working with Intego, the Apple security specialist, for almost a decade. Through the years we’ve seen Apple’s market share steadily increase. Sadly in line with this recent explosive growth, unscrupulous people have decided OS X is worth targeting with phishing, malware, Trojans and other damaging techniques. 2011 was without a doubt the busiest … Read More