We’ve been working alongside 0chain for some time now, assisting them with a range of press activities such as blogs, commissioned articles, briefs and interviews.

In case you’re new to what 0chain does, the company is developing the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain to provide blockchain as a service, decentralised storage and other business applications – find out more in our previous blog.

We recently secured 0chain an interview with one of the most respected publications in the crypto/blockchain space, Coin Central, where the team explained in more depth about their recent partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team also went on to explain other current partnerships, addressing how truly unique 0chain’s capabilities are and what’s expected from the company in 2019 and beyond.

Curious to know more? Read the interview here!

There’s plenty more 0chain coverage on the way so prepare to see more of 0chain in the media as we work hard to get the recognition that they deserve!

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