Every business has a story to tell. These take many forms – from the passionate founder explaining how their company came to be, to the success stories weaved each day by a dedicated support team.

The best PR and marketing initiatives harness these narratives, translating them into exciting news announcements and thought leadership.

And even when the story concludes and fades into history, there’s always an unwritten next chapter waiting for the right moment to emerge.

Take BSO’s compelling story as an example of this storytelling process.

When we promoted BSO’s acquisition of IX Reach, this event was actually only the start of the story.

Several months later, we revisited the coming together of these two companies with a news story exploring how BSO’s exceptional technology, global footprint and talented team has been strengthened by the acquisition.

Follow-up news announcements like this one are ideal for ongoing press outreach.

They offer journalists news anchored in recent history, progress the brand and offer the chance to once again visit a familiar narrative. For some press, they’re simply a welcome update on an industry leader and its latest milestones.

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