Working alongside Ascertia, the minds behind SigningHub, over the years has made it clear to us just how efficient e-signatures are for organisations – no matter what their size or industry is.

This time around, SigningHub sought to share their expertise of e-signatures within the courts and how companies can prevent e-signatures from falling foul of the law and regulations.

It’s fair to say e-signatures nowadays are commonly used to improve document security or to speed up the contract signing process but what about when someone challenges them in a court of law?

By following our proven PR process, (identifying the very best publication for the topic), we were able to secure a bylined article with Computer Fraud Security.

The article goes on to explain how companies should take a holistic approach and look at the complete process of viewing and signing documents electronically.

Do you know the six typical scenarios in which a company could find itself at risk? You can find out more in the latest issue here.

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