Data centres are modern society's workhorses

And we know them inside out

Our world would collapse without you

In our data dependent society, these life-critical facilities power everything from healthcare and transport infrastructure, to global finance, business and government services.

We are acutely aware of the particularities of the data centre marketplace. Facilities are complex organisms that are always evolving and require precise operational and commercial management. They cannot fail. They must be sustainable.

Bamboo PR is highly experienced in the data centre sector, helping to tell powerful stories that speak to those who work within facilities while simultaneously elevating our clients' messaging to resonate with the senior managers who oversee investment in new services and infrastructure.

Two of our favourite clients have been RF Code, which entrusted us with its global communications and marketing, and CBRE Romonet, which is at the cutting edge of machine learning and predictive analytics.


Data centre PR to promote your USPs:

  • Product launches that excite technical journalists while piquing the interest of the wider business press
  • Award entries that bring home the win; just ask CBRE Romonet about its success
  • Social media that engages, entertains and educates all audiences
  • Bylined articles on everything from edge computing to the role of data centres in international commerce
  • Event press outreach to maximise your investment in trade shows
  • Influencer relations with credible industry commentators
  • And many other services...

Working with a data centre industry hero

Founded by a team of industry veterans, CBRE Romonet set out on its mission to improve how facilities are built and managed through the power of predictive modelling.

Our PR and marketing support included analyst briefings, bylined articles across the technology, business and trade media, regular blogs, press releases and product launches, case studies and many award successes.

We also produced C-level centric content on topics like sustainability and CSR, managed events, and created lead generation campaigns through Hubspot. Today, CBRE Romonet is seen as a visionary in machine learning and data centre analytics and we are proud to have helped deliver this outcome.

“Bamboo have expertly assisted us, not just with pure PR, but with copy production for customer case studies, writing and placing industry articles with journalists and publications, and most impressively, with writing killer submissions for industry awards. Through their ability to write award submissions that really capture the judges’ imaginations, we’ve won many awards.”

Real-time automation for real-time ROI

RF Code is an unsung hero of many data centres and the company's environmental monitoring, asset management and edge management solutions underpin facilities the world over.

Our long-standing relationship with RF Code has spanned many services over our many years together however one of our favourite campaigns was a year long brand awareness campaign designed to change the perceptions business leaders have about data centres - less of a financial black hole full of mystery, and more a strategic corporate asset that delivers long-term value.

Through carefully positioned bylined articles, targeted social media, analyst education and engaging content production, we reset how many within the industry think of RF Code and its solutions.



“Bamboo PR provides exceptional results – they quickly identified the targets we need to be talking to and provided a range of content opportunities with key trade, industry and national publications. They understand our messaging and work tirelessly to raise our profile”