Journalists love data, juicy stats and enticing trends on how an industry’s changing.

We used this approach for Capital Placement recently when we announced the roles international interns are gravitating towards.

From marketing’s enduring popularity to startups sucking up talent, we anchored a press release around the team’s deep knowledge of their sector. This led to coverage in Recruitment Buzz, Gen Z cultural curator and lifestyle outlet, Verge, and Totum, the student lifestyle website.

Capital Placement’s full announcement is below and contact us today if you are interested in sharing your insight in a similar way.

Capital Placement has revealed what job roles and industries are most in demand by Generation Z graduates and students, based on the hundreds of paid internships the company arranged.

Marketing and business development positions continued their dominance, taking the number one spot. Students and graduates continued to fall out of love with finance internships in all of Capital Placement’s global destinations. The fashion industry has also seen a significant rise in demand along with startups and scaleups continuing to attract those entering the workplace, particularly as London’s technology scene flourishes.

Vinay Vimalan, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, comments: “Students and graduates across the world are increasingly turning to the benefits of paid internships as a credible choice of career development. Our long-term opportunities in London and Singapore offer people a fantastic opportunity to build their prospects, form new connections, widen their horizons and discover what they love doing.”

Capital Placement provides sustainable paid internships for students and graduates eager to strengthen their business skills and practice while experiencing life in a new city.

Vinay continued: “More and more students are unsure about what they want to do after graduating. They are opting for graduate internships – these offer nearly all of the same benefits of a graduate job, but with the added flexibility to see what a career in that specific industry is like without committing to a full-time role.”

The company’s interns come from across the world – a large proportion from the USA – and Capital Placement’s knowledgeable team works closely with each intern, carefully placing each person in the most suitable environment and workplace. This care and support coupled with extensive experience of the UK and Singaporean visa process, are why 100% of its interns are in full-time graduate work after six months of completing their internship.

Capital Placement works with over 1,500 companies across every industry and employers benefit from passionate, diverse talented individuals who are motivated and eager to learn quickly.

Vinay added: “Companies come to us for many reasons, in particular the ability to mould a young, hungry professional into a talented expert who can drive their business forward day on day. The skills interns gain are invaluable, as are the life experiences.”