It’s times like these where the power of community really shows its strength and that note brings us to Frankie Cotton.

Over the years we’ve built up a supportive network of clients, partners and advocates doing amazing things. Everyone we work with has an exciting story to tell (we help with that) and it’s fulfilling watching people grow and evolve over time.

As mentioned, one such person is Frankie Cotton, an inspirational businesswoman who we’ve known for some time.

We first crossed paths with Frankie Cotton when she led BSO’s marketing team. While there, we worked with her on countless projects – global press relations, rebrands, tone of voice development, corporate events, sales collateral to name a few.

What is Frankie Cotton known for?

In recent years, Frankie has forged her own entrepreneurial path setting up Let’s Be Frank consulting, co-founding Found & Flourish, a community empowering the next generation of female entrepreneurs, and since then, creating The Women on Top Podcast (aka #TheWOTPod) alongside The Sustainable Marketplace.

We’re big fans of podcasts – earlier this year, Marco spoke with Liberty Marketing on the topic – and avid listeners of Women On Top, so much so that when Frankie officially launched her sponsorship programme, we jumped at the opportunity to support the venture.

You may have heard Bamboo PR mentioned on a recent episode with Vivi Friedgut, CEO and Founder of Blackbullion, a fantastic company helping young people with financial education, and perhaps you downloaded the PR eBook we made available for listeners.

Women On Top hosts honest conversations (and we mean that in the truest sense of the word) with real women about business, entrepreneurship, money and careers. Published weekly, #TheWOTPod has grown to become an empowering voice that anyone in business should listen to.

We’re excited to see what happens with #TheWOTPod. Go Frankie Go!

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