Here at Bamboo PR we all really believe in the Fredericks Foundation and the charity’s mission to help disadvantaged women in the UK become financially independent through micro loans.

The charity, also known as Freddies, setup a fund last year called the Women’s Loan Fund, which we helped promote. The fund’s goal is to support women who want to create their own businesses but cannot access loans from banks or conventional lenders.

Inundated with requests for support, the Foundation has launched a new crowdfunding appeal to help a new group of women with their business ideas.

With only four days left, any support would be appreciated. The charity believes in a hand up, rather than a hand out and those who receive the help gradually repay their loan so that others can receive help too.

This sustainable solution can be seen first-hand in Pia’s words, one of the first women to receive a loan, who said:

“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without Freddies. They believed in me when everyone else thought I was worthless.”

If you would like to support the appeal, help more women start their own businesses, change their lives and improve their families’ lives, please donate or pledge here and share this with who you can.