It’s that time of year again – the spring weather starts to kick in, the tax year turns over a new leaf and firms hit the daunting deadline to publish their gender pay gap data.

However, the pay gap is not the only issue for the UK’s business women. Another is the huge difficulty women can have in obtaining finance from mainstream providers. To tackle this problem, our client, Fredericks Foundation, amid the ongoing gender pay gap debate over the past couple of years, set up its Women’s Loan Fund to help women break through the barriers and turn their business dreams into reality.

Fredericks Foundation is a UK charity and Responsible Finance Provider that provides microloans and ongoing business support to people who are seeking to start or grow their own business but cannot obtain mainstream finance.

Only 17% of business owners are women, so they are massively under-represented in enterprise. Many of the women who seek help have viable business plans that have been turned down by mainstream credit lenders because of unprecedented circumstances. Fredericks aims to provide a pathway to success for business-minded women.

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