Energised. Confident. New services abound. When a new chief executive joins a business, others in the marketplace watch closely to see how the company will evolve.

This is particularly true for technology sectors like collaboration, comms, connectivity and security. These industries definitely follow the phrase “it’s a small world” and each has one or two publications that shine the spotlight on key players.

New CEOs also have ambitious plans they want to talk about and that’s why journalists love business growth stories.

The moment we started helping IntraLAN, Comms Dealer was a target. Guiding readers through the comms industry, the publication has an excellent reputation and is highly respected.

And several weeks into working together, IntraLAN’s new CEO was interviewed about his plans.

In addition to an engaging online interview, the story also appeared in the print edition, the publication’s email newsletter and there was a front-page boxout teasing the interview inside the magazine. Plenty of social media interaction too.

Growth was the story hook that really resonated, and we secured this opportunity quickly thanks to our strong relationship with the editor. The future is looking bright for the company and it will be fun helping the team in their journey.

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