Fredericks Foundation is an exciting foundation on a mission to help entrepreneurs, who are unattractive to high street banks, launch or build their businesses and significantly improve their lives and communities.

We’ve been supporting the foundation in promoting various inspiring initiatives, each aimed at increasing public awareness and attracting volunteers and donations.

Our target?

Significantly increase Fredericks’ audience on Facebook and promote the successful entrepreneurs who have changed their lives for the better and are now running prosperous businesses, thanks to the support provided by Fredericks.

We launched and coordinated five sponsored campaigns from June to November and as result the messages reached over 260,000 people. Additionally, the foundation’s Facebook page gained over 2,000 new likes and followers and now has a loyal audience that engages and interacts with the foundation’s posts on a daily basis.

Out of all the campaigns, the best results were generated when Fredericks launched a £2 million fund for women entrepreneurs who couldn’t get financing from mainstream banks but had great ideas and solid business plans that could have transformed their lives and improved their communities.

Duncan Parker, CEO Fredericks Foundation commented, “Social media has changed forever how we access information and get in touch with people. We are very excited to see that we can reach out to thousands of people instantly and help as many entrepreneurs as possible to change their lives for the better in a short period of time.

“Bamboo PR has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout our collaboration and it’s a great pleasure to work with passionate people that share our values and vision, and put considerable resources into creating and tailoring the right messages and campaigns for our needs.”

Do you have an interesting project and want the world to know about it? Get in touch today and we’ll help you reach wide or targeted audiences through both media and social media channels.