Something beginning with S…

Any guesses?

It’s StorkCard!

The StorkCard team continues to make waves across the press, this time appearing in Tech Spy Magazine as the publication’s App of the Week.

People have endless ways of finding new products nowadays – from dedicated customer review websites like TrustPilot, to magazines that maintain their authority in our digital world.

Product reviews and app spotlights hold as much clout as they always have.

Reviews aren’t merely subtle endorsements (when a journalist hopefully enjoys your product or service!), they’re also a valuable way of getting on the radar of new customers and influential people.

You never know who’s reading a review – it could be a future advocate who becomes a brand ambassador or a CEO on the hunt for innovative products to supply to their entire global team.

This is what makes reviews so powerful and an engaging PR activity. It’s also why we love arranging them for clients across a broad spectrum of websites, print publications, blogs and social media mini reviews.

If you have a product, even if incredibly niche, someone, somewhere would like to review it. You just have to identify who.

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