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Emerging Technology

Technology moves at light speed - and your marketing and PR must keep pace.

Emerging technology is at the cutting edge. So is Team Bamboo's marketing.

Welcome to marketing with passion and experience. We focus on communicating the world's emerging tech, helping the world's innovators educate audiences, spread their vision and build new market segments.

Team Bamboo's Emerging Technology Marketing and PR Approach

We love emerging technologies at Bamboo, whether that's a new way of working, harnessing advanced computing in innovative ways or simply building a sector from scratch. This means putting education at the core of our approach, leaving prospective customers both informed and enticed. We then turn to proven content, PR and social media strategies that deliver tangible business growth as your brand finds its feet, all with a healthy dose of reporting and transparency from day one.

Our Emerging Technology PR and Marketing services educate the masses and elevate your brand into a new consciousness

Content marketing that excites, engages and empowers buyers to act
Performance-led digital marketing and SEO that secures your space online
Social media that builds market credibility and the consistency buyers expect from established brands
Thought leadership on everything from nanotechnology to blockchain
Thought provoking messaging that catches customer, partner and investor attention
Investor materials that win hearts, minds, and £££s

Case Study: Promoting holographic world firsts

Working with Musion was an experience to remember. The company brought the stars of the past back to life in holographic form and created memorable musical feats that captured the attention of the world's media. We operated the company's press office and built a powerful content marketing machine long before content marketing was even a discipline.
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Ian O'Connell - Musion, Director

“Bamboo PR always make themselves available when we have announcements to make – they deliver what they say they will, within the deadline.”