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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Lost in the crowded MSP market? Welcome to PR and marketing that boosts leads, grows partnerships and drives customer satisfaction.

Managed Service Providers face fiercer competition than ever before.

Better engage prospects, foster stronger customer relationships and educate your audience. Decades of marketing experience and data-driven campaigns are how we do this.

Team Bamboo's Managed Service Provider Marketing and PR strategy

We know the acute challenges MSPs face. After all, Team Bamboo used to share its office with one. This exposure saw us quickly learn the nuts and bolts of remote IT and what it takes to create a standout customer experience and a formidable marketing department. All this first-hand experience feeds into the PR and marketing strategies we deliver.

Our Managed Service Provider PR and Marketing services instil confidence and leave competitors by the wayside

Engaging news announcements that make waves in the IT and channel media
Effective content production that forms the backbone of sales outreach
Data-driven SEO and digital marketing that hones in on hungry-for-change buyers
Thought leadership that positions your executives as a visionary leaders
Eye-catching social media that amplifies your brand and builds advocacy
Use cases and case studies that show what's possible with your services

Case study: IntraLAN rebrands and repositions

IntraLAN's CEO sought out Team Bamboo after working with us at a previous company. Their vision was clear - plug us in to oversee the company's marketing machine, drive customer-focused campaigns to commercialise the business, and shake the company free from its networking past. We started work immediately, reshaping its brand, content output and social media presence over a number of years together.
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Andy Horn - IntraLAN, CEO

“I had an idea how good Bamboo were, but you have just blown that perception away. What a fantastic company and bunch of people, and what an amazing job you are doing. Thank you all so much, you are making a huge difference, and it’s really appreciated. And it’s FUN! One of the founders said, “We have had more PR in the last two weeks than we did in the previous 24 years.” That is all down to you and the team."