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MedTech and HealthTech help us all live longer, healthier, happier lives. But do your marketing and PR strategies get the same TLC?

Standing out in a heavily regulated industry is challenging.

Anyone in MedTech knows the sector spans patient monitoring apps, surgical assistive technology, medical document systems and everything in between. We help healthcare innovators secure investment, pilots and projects.

Team Bamboo's MedTech Marketing and PR strategy

Selling to hospitals, private healthcare companies, pharma and community health providers is no mean feat. Gatekeeper stakeholders, tight budgets, regulatory hurdles, and a general aversion to untested technologies can only be overcome with shrewd, confident marketing. We focus on marketing strategies and positioning that speak the unique language of those in healthcare.

Our MedTech PR and Marketing services are built around compassion, care and confidence

Engaging content marketing that showcase your medical expertise and technological prowess
Digital marketing and SEO that captures traffic from complex healthcare search terms
Assured social media that speaks to doctors, patients, investors and partners
PR campaigns that showcase your innovation in a sensible way
Lead generation that focuses on the power of your product to change lives
Online advertising campaigns that convert curiosity into customers

Case study: From minnow to MedTech darling

We met Medopad when it was just two humble founders wanting to help people live longer.We immediately secured national coverage in The Telegraph and raised awareness when KPMG named the company a unicorn in the making. A feature with the FT, an interview on BBC World News and write-ups in Bloomberg all followed.Next, Medopad set its sights on its Series A before rebranding as Huma. This saw us become its in-house marketing and content team for a short period.
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Matt Jenkins - Team Unlimbited, Trustee

"We can honestly say that we don’t know what we would have done without Bamboo PR. They have opened our minds to new possibilities and grown our social footprint by as much as 80% in what is essentially, a tiny amount of time. They are not only incredibly skilled at what they do but they are clearly experts in their fields with it. They know exactly what buttons to push and what response is likely to be achieved and we cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance in building out our wonderful charity. Above everything, the thing we love most about working with Bamboo is just how much they love working with us. From the day we started working with them they have been like an extension of our team. They are as passionate about what we do as we are ourselves. You couldn’t ask for a better partner!”