Content marketing is in constant flux – as soon as you’ve figured everything out, the rules change. One minute, it’s all hands-on-deck for social media. The next, white papers are in vogue.

Tracking back several years, few marketers would’ve considered audio a worthwhile activity, especially within B2B. Radio was as far as investment stretched in most cases.

Nowadays, podcasts are all the rage – for direct sponsorship and as a way of establishing credibility. Intimacy, captive audiences and lead generation are behind the format’s meteoric rise.

But, are podcasts audio marketing’s limit? Can B2B companies go further?

Bamboo’s own Marco raised this question when discussing emerging content marketing trends in a recent guest blog. Plenty other audio initiatives could well take our ears by storm:

“Podcasts and their popularity show no sign of slowing down but expect brands to move beyond that format too – content like audio-blogs and audio-eBooks. Audio is a really intimate content medium, quick to produce and one that’s easily consumed.”

Audio is incredibly versatile. The format is perfect for commuters, long walks, working at your desk and travel. Recording audio is relatively low cost too. The industry hasn’t become oversaturated either.

Starting small and experimenting is often the best place to start so contact us if you want to explore what audio marketing can do for your business.