Yoga. What do you picture?

A young person warped into an unattainable position set against a sun-soaked backdrop?

While we commend those capable of such flexibility, this vision puts many off. Another reason why people are apprehensive about yoga is because it’s difficult to achieve the correct posture to progress.

So why are we, a technology PR agency, harking on about yoga?

Trained osteopath and certified yoga instructor Thomas Pederson recognised these challenges and he wanted to make it easier for people to get into yoga.

Jumping into action and using the power of online learning, Thomas embarked on a mission to blend yoga with science in easy-to-follow bitesize video classes.

He’s created Yoga Fundamentals – an affordable video series that’s for healthy posture and alignment as well as the recently released Yoga Bites – a batch of mini workouts ideal for those tight on time.

All you need is your computer or smartphone, a willingness to learn and space to move.

Online learning makes trying new activities and skills incredibly easy and we’re excited to be helping spread the health benefits of yoga to new audiences.

Go on, give it a try here.