We’re always striving for far reaching coverage with our clients but it’s always nice when the news has a local angle as well.

Of course it’s important to be a leading business but that shouldn’t mean forgetting your roots. When Sparkol came to us with the news that CEO Zoe Taylor had bought the business we wanted to make sure we highlighted both her and the company’s connections to Bristol.

Bristol’s tech scene is well established and continues to grow, with companies trading globally and pushing for innovation in their fields. There’s a strong sense of community in the tech scene and the local press were more than happy to shout about yet another successful business from the city.

With a strong success story to tell, we secured coverage for Sparkol in many local publications including an interview in the South West Business Insider as international business of the month.

The news was a great opportunity to establish relationships with the local press and make them aware of a successful business they could call upon in future for interviews and showcases of the Bristol tech scene.

Talk of the Town

When any new restaurant opens it needs to drum up local interest to pull in customers. This is especially important if the restaurant is from a brand just starting out – it needs to create interest in the brand from the ground up.

When Sticky Sisters opened its first restaurant in Leeds it needed to get the message out about its fun restaurant interiors and range of 25 sauces. With a launch day fixed we set about contacting local press for reviews, securing a positive write-up from H&N Magazine among others and working closely with the Merrion Centre shopping centre to heavily promote the opening of the restaurant both on-site and across social media.

We also wanted to emphasise the employment that Sticky Sisters would be bringing to the area and pushed this angle with the local business press.

Local press coverage might seem like it has a smaller reach but it brings big smiles to our clients’ faces to see their business in the local paper! It’s great to have the backing of a community who want to watch their local businesses thrive.