We’ve covered PR’s value during M&A activity a lot this year, all of which has been based on our own experience and comes from having delivered press campaigns for six different acquisitions!

Every M&A transaction has one activity in common – a formal press release or statement.

Acquisitions, large or small, are actually loved by journalists, especially when the companies involved are known in the industry.

It’s a chance for the media to evaluate the oft-sudden coming together of two companies, analyse how the news will affect other players in the industry and overall provides a strong news story that can generate interesting follow-up interviews and press features.

Sometimes, companies feel that their acquisition press release should go into lots of detail on why the newly formed company is the best thing since sliced bread, however that’s actually the journalist’s job…

The best acquisition press releases are concise, punchy and factual.

They contain the core messages, succinctly explain the reasoning behind the deal and cover off any disclosable financial terms. Short executive quotes are a must.

They shouldn’t be seen as a vanity piece or a sales document. The announcement we produced for Oncore IT when it acquired Fuse Technologies is a strong example of how to get the balance right.

The press release is often the foundation of all acquisition communications as well – social media content, customer comms, website copy; these are typically based on the press statement.

It’s important to get your M&A press release right, so please let us know if you need help. We’ve written a fair few this year…