Medopad LogoCoinciding with the global launch of the Apple Watch, our client Medopad has launched its new Apple Watch Chemotherapy App – the first of its kind in the world.

Developed with input from the oncology team at London’s King’s College Hospital, the app offers cancer patients temperature and symptom monitoring, medication reminders, and feedback on drug adherence.

The data the app supplies, which is already being used in an active-care setting, is transmitted to doctors in real-time using Medopad’s main platform.

Dr Siamak Arami, consultant haematologist at King’s, says the app is “an exciting new development in medical technology that can transform the quality and safety of care to cancer patients. This can eventually reduce the cost and improve the outcome of treatment.”

The first to use the app are cancer patients at King’s. Then a speedy rollout will extend it to patients in both NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK, and even as far afield as China.

The app delivers a number of powerful outcomes. Doctors can adjust drug regimens in real time, and provide chemotherapy treatments tailor-made to a patient’s current situation. This can reduce the number of hospital visits to deal with side-effects.

Says Dr Rich Khatib, CEO at Medopad: “One in two people are likely to experience cancer during their lifetime. Our easy-to-use Apple Watch application transforms how patients can monitor their illness on a daily basis and contribute to their own treatment regimens.”

If you’d like to interview the company to learn more about the app, please get in touch.


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