Another two articles published – ideal if you need some more PR article examples…

It’s Romonet and Volo’s turn for some article coverage.

  1. Volo, master of ecommerce software and marketplace selling, looks at the year’s largest shopping days and asks the question: how can retailers tame these giant peaks in demand? Find the answers over at IMRG.
  1. Next up, CBRE Romonet in US publication The VAR Guy. Coinciding with the launch of Validated by ROMONET, the company shares a huge sales opportunity that resellers are yet to pounce on. Catch up here.

If you’re deciding which PR agency to choose, hopefully seeing some more PR article examples from us will help you. Romonet and Volo aren’t alone in their press coverage (as we recently shared).

They’re also both 2016 award-winners. Unsure what awards to enter? Get our EXCLUSIVE guide to five of the best award programmes out there.

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