Musion LogoOur clients are truly groundbreaking, and no better example is Musion.

On Wednesday 11th January, Musion combined its expertise with Masergy and AVSolution, to utilise Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence technology in a genuine world first. Musion is renowned for its 3D holographic projection technology Musion 3D, a breathtaking system that’s been used by the biggest names in the entertainment and technology world.

This telenor sms tracker time Polycom’s HDX video codec was configured by AVSolution to demonstrate the future of business communication as representatives from Masergy were transmitted live across London for a stunning face-to-face virtual meeting.

As Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion, rightfully stated, “Polycom’s affordable HDX video codec creates a terrific easily accessible solution and introduces Musion TelePresence to a much wider audience. The future of business communication isn’t just sat at a desk behind aplicacion android spy mobile a screen – it is now possible to experience face-to-face, fully immersive 3D meetings where individuals appear in breathtaking clarity to each other without the need to physically be there.”

For full details on the event, please see the full press release on Masergy’s website.



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