Musion LogoWe’ve discussed the groundbreaking work of Musion before and there’s no sign of the 3D holographic experts slowing down any time soon. Last week was the company’s third annual awards, the Musion Academy Media Awards (MAMAs).

This year the awards were held for the first time at the prestigious London art fair, Kinetica.

The Musion Academy is a not-for-profit organisation that helps support talented artists and students with an interest in holographic art.

Entries included an amazing mix of interactivity, visual elements, acoustic experimentation and holographic performance.

Winner Laura Jean Healey made history with the world’s first underwater shoot with Musion technology. Analema Group’s performance ‘Khaos’ showed a live dancer creating a holographic fractal landscape in real-time, while Ki-Ra’s ‘Anima Mundi’ was an equally impressive visual performance which explored the archetypal nature of time.

Finally New Opera Hero, who redefine the term ‘band,’ amalgamated visual and sonic art with live music and holographic visuals to win two awards on the night.

Truly special stuff.

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