Getting your first ten customers is difficult. How about shipping your first 1,000 orders? What about 600,000?

Selling 600,000 of anything is a monumental achievement, and that milestone is just what our new client My Social Book celebrated this month.

My Social Book is seriously impressive tech, transforming your social media content into physical printed yearbooks in just one click.

Whether reminiscing about a holiday or gifting someone special in your life an engaging memento, My Social Book’s automated web-based platform lets you print 10 years of Facebook and Instagram memories in as quickly as 45 seconds.

Not minutes, seconds.

You can print individual years, shorter timeframes or go for the whole shebang – your entire social footprint. And it’s not limited to photos, My Social Book includes status updates, videos and other content you have shared over the years.

The uses are limitless and could be something as simple as reliving your favourite social media posts from the last twelve months, looking back on your honeymoon, creating a personalised Valentine’s Day present or turning your pet’s Instagram page into a book.

Business use cases are equally compelling, as the company shared: “from hoteliers creating striking coffee table books and in-room collateral, to event managers, marketing leaders and social media influencers who want to build brand awareness, engage their communities and win new clients.”

Contact us here or message us via our live chat below if you would like to try My Social Book.