Our Clients

Team Bamboo and its clients all have one thing in common -
we share common values.

We welcome businesses that value long-lasting, healthy relationships, listen to our views and respect our people and craft.

Working with Bamboo

We're not everyone's cup of bambrew

And that's OK. Honestly.

We've been around a long time (over 20 years)! We know what we are, what we're good at, and the kind of brands that work well with us.

If you're looking for a typical marketing agency, then we wouldn't want to waste your time. There are some fantastic places out there. We wish you the best of luck.

For those of you left, welcome. The way we work isn't for everyone, but if it is for. you then you can rest assured that this is the start of a wonderful, long and productive relationship - just like the ones we've built with current and past clients.

Get to know the team behind Team Bamboo 
We're a diverse bunch who specialises in everything from content marketing to digital and PR.

Client Values


Listen to our views, respect our people and trust in our craft.


Value what we do and reward us fairly.


We build close partnerships for shared success.


We want our clients to have a willingness to embrace change and fight the good fight.


Don't ask us to abandon what we believe in, it's what makes us who we are.

Our Clients - Past and Present

Pete Overell

Panchaea, Founder and Director

"The fantastic and warm team at Bamboo have more than stepped up for Panchaea, providing us with a rapid growth plan that has so far seen monumental increases to website and Linkedin traffic.

"Great management of socials, updating my website to compete in a saturated market, and managing to throw together collateral for a last-minute trade show, means for Panchaea, Bamboo will be a long-term partner we look forward to growing with.”

Don't just take our word for it... 
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