Client Testimonials

Want to know what it's like working with Team Bamboo? Our clients spill the bambrew and tell us how Bamboo helped revolutionise their brand.

Pete Overell

Panchaea, Founder and Director

"The fantastic and warm team at Bamboo have more than stepped up for Panchaea, providing us with a rapid growth plan that has seen monumental increases in website and LinkedIn traffic. Great management of socials, updating my website to compete in a saturated market, and managing to throw together collateral for a last-minute trade show means for Panchaea, Bamboo will be a long-term partner we look forward to growing with.”

Gregg Primm

Green Revolution Cooling, VP, Global Marketing

“I worked with Bamboo prior to joining GRC, so I knew their talent for delivering PR campaigns. Once again Bamboo exceeded expectations, hitting the ground running and delivering an extensive EMEA PR plan in the data centre sector. This included magazine cover stories, press releases, thought leadership – you name it. They are my go-to partner when expanding into the region (and they also have impeccable taste in cinema!).”

Ciara Murphy

Cloudstaff, Global VP, Marketing

“Having worked with the team previously, they were my first agency I brought on board in my new role. They have an ability to get up to speed very quickly and be super flexible and supportive while I establish the marketing function. They are also a really nice bunch to work with.”

Ruth Paton

VQ Communications

“We have worked with Bamboo since the beginning of 2022, providing a range of marketing support, from writing and publishing our social media posts, creation of our monthly customer newsletter, email campaigns and more recently, teaching and assisting us with best SEO practice for our blogs and website. From the outset, it felt like we added 4 or 5 additional members to our marketing team. Bamboo just got our culture, ethos and tone and style of writing. Our Bamboo colleagues are closely integrated members of the VQ team. It is a great pleasure to work together.”

Ben Mercer

Personify XP, Co-Founder and CCO

"The Bamboo PR team has the perfect blend of execution and network which for a scale up like ours is vital in our long term growth plans. We are fortunate to have had the pleasure to partner with the team on various initiatives each of which have generated results beyond our expectations. They are able to distil our key value propositions and articulate to the market in a way that gets picked up by big publications. I'd highly recommend them to any startups or scale-ups looking to rapidly grow their brand and identity to an audience."

Ciara Murphy

Sovos, EMEA Marketing Director

"As we grow in region we need partners that can grow with us. Their flexibility, adaptability and easiness to work with make them an ideal partner. Knowing they understand our business gives me one less thing to think about at night."

Andy Horn


“I had an idea how good Bamboo were, but you have just blown that perception away. What a fantastic company and bunch of people, and what an amazing job you are doing. Thank you all so much, you are making a huge difference, and it’s really appreciated. And it’s FUN! One of the founders said, “We have had more PR in the last two weeks than we did in the previous 24 years.” That is all down to you and the team."

Frankie Cotton

BSO, Global Marketing Director

"I began working with Bamboo when our marketing department was in its infancy, and they were a fantastic asset as we grew. The team was flexible, available and went above and beyond to support us. The quality of content was outstanding and they really grasped our identity and messaging. Great experience."

Victoria Allen

Ascertia, Head of Marketing

"When I joined Ascertia as Marketing Manager I quickly developed a strong partnership with our Bamboo account team. Their attention to detail, honesty and pragmatic approach have enabled us to strengthen our key messages and raise our brand profile. Bamboo is very much viewed as part of our extended marketing team and I value their support, input and ideas, both on day to day marketing tasks and on larger projects, such as our flagship partner event, at which they were invaluable."

Artjom Jekimtsev

adverttu (now Drovo), Founder & CEO

“Team Bamboo really understand the challenges that early-stage companies face with their PR and marketing. The team genuinely cared about our company’s success and they quickly became a valued part of our team. A pleasure to work with.”

Zahl Limbuwala

CBRE Romonet, Co-Founder & CEO

“Bamboo have expertly assisted us, not just with pure PR, but with copy production for customer case studies, draft writing and placing industry articles with journalists and publications, and most impressively, with writing killer submissions for industry awards. Through their ability to write award submissions that really capture the judges’ imaginations, we’ve won many awards with Bamboo’s assistance.”

Martha Horrox

True Altitude, Marketing & Partnerships Manager

“Bamboo PR has become an extremely valuable extension to our marketing team and a name we are proud to mention time and time again to our community. Having worked closely with Marco and the team on a few projects over the past year, we’re consistently impressed with the quality of work they deliver. From helping with our tone of voice, to working on the finer details of a recent white paper, Bamboo PR are a highly professional team of experts and we couldn’t recommend them enough. Long may our relationship continue!”

Graham Fry

SCC AVS, Managing Director

"Bamboo PR is a friendly and knowledgeable company. Their highly professional approach, ability to react to challenges and meet deadlines means that I can concentrate on my own job in confidence that our Marketing and PR is in very capable hands. They have become a hugely valuable part of our team.”

Matt Jenkins

Team Unlimbited, Trustee

"We can honestly say that we don’t know what we would have done without Bamboo PR. They have opened our minds to new possibilities and grown our social footprint by as much as 80% in what is essentially, a tiny amount of time. They are not only incredibly skilled at what they do but they are clearly experts in their fields with it. They know exactly what buttons to push and what response is likely to be achieved and we cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance in building out our wonderful charity. Above everything, the thing we love most about working with Bamboo is just how much they love working with us. From the day we started working with them they have been like an extension of our team. They are as passionate about what we do as we are ourselves. You couldn’t ask for a better partner!”

Gregg Primm

RF Code, Director of Inbound Marketing

“Bamboo PR provides exceptional results – they quickly identified the targets we need to be talking to and provided a range of content opportunities with key trade, industry and national publications. They understand our messaging and work tirelessly to raise our profile across the UK and Europe. Their real value comes from their ability to never stick to one medium – they assist us with events, advertising, video, PR, speaking opportunities, social and awards – all with a strong sense of professionalism focused around delivering real business results.”

Sarah Nelson

Footdown, Marketing Manager

"Bamboo PR help us with all aspects of our PR campaigns, from writing blogs, to arranging seminars, to managing our social media. They really took the time at the beginning to understand our business and not only are they a pleasure to work with but invaluable in helping to promote our brand."

Tim Cardinal

Actual Experience, Marketing Director

“We’ve been working with Bamboo PR for the past year on our content and PR activities. It's been a real pleasure to work with such a professional team, who have really taken the time to learn our business and write compelling content to engage our audiences. Their can-do, flexible attitude to supporting us has made them a highly valuable part of our extended team.”

Laurent Marteau

Intego, CEO

"We began by entrusting Bamboo PR with our press relations for the UK. Given the excellent results, we quickly centralised all our press relations work for the entire world. Bamboo PR is an excellent team of friendly, dynamic people who meet and exceed our needs, and who put maximum effort into their work for us, always doing so with a smile.”

Gareth Richardson

Marketlinx Ltd, CEO & Founder

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bamboo PR for over 5 years. I have no hesitation in recommending the team and have done many times. I have never been let down or disappointed, quite the opposite. My feelings have been confirmed back to me from the colleagues whom I have recommended to. Thank you Bamboo PR for all you have done and the work you continue to excel at. It's my privilege to have you as a partner."

Tony Hurtado

Masergy, VP Global Marketing and PR

“Bamboo PR has been an incredible partner for our Masergy UK office. They have valuable ideas, remarkable talent, abundant energy and considerable impact.”

Matt Jenkins

NineFeetTall, Partner

“We engaged Bamboo PR to lead our national PR activities. We liked that they recognised the communications challenges associated with a company of our size. They were particularly good at understanding who we are, rather than just our mission. They had an immediate impact targeting a wider audience but also, and more importantly, the right audience. It is no overstatement to say that the team has played a significant role in us growing our business and we are pleased to be partnering with them for the long-term.”

Juney Mistiki

Bamboo Distribution, Managing Director

“We didn’t just pick Bamboo PR because of the name, but it does have a nice ring to it! We initially worked with Bamboo PR on a press announcement back in 2015 which proved very successful for our business. As soon as we discovered we’d won a Queens Enterprise Award last year we knew we wanted them to help us manage the promotion and marketing of this achievement. There was great support from the whole team, liaising with the Queens award team and helping with advertising creative as well as arranging press interviews for us. Overall the whole experience and service from Bamboo PR has been very positive for our business.”

Bruce Pannaman

StorkCard, Co-Founder

"We worked with Bamboo PR pre-launch and beyond. We found them to be very friendly, proactive, resourceful and knowledgeable in our space. I very much enjoyed working with the team and their habit of overdelivering on the brief. Bamboo PR get to the root of what you are trying to achieve and then ensure you get there to boost your company's success."

Ian O'Connell

Musion, Director

“Bamboo PR always make themselves available when we have announcements to make – they deliver what they say they will, within the deadline.”