Actual Experience is leading its industry with its Digital Quality Score.

Based on ten years of scientific research, Actual Experience’s Digital Quality Score provides, as the company describes it, “a reliable proxy for the answer businesses would get if they asked staff and customers to continuously rate their experiences of digital services.”

In simple terms, its analytics reveal exactly how a company’s entire digital ecosystem is performing.

Why is this important?

Well, Actual Experience’s Digital Quality Score when correlated against productivity figures and financial data demonstrates how costly a poorly performing digital ecosystem is to a company’s bottom line.

This research underpinned Actual Experience’s recent white paper that was produced with our assistance. To put all of this into context, as the company explains:

“If an average Fortune 500 company with a 40% digital business experiences a Digital Quality drop of 15 points, this equates to a cost for wasted time of about $435M or 7.82% of the fully loaded wage costs for the organisation.”

Those are serious numbers and deserve the authority of a white paper to demonstrate just how important the digital business is, but every message suits a different content medium – in this case, a white paper was appropriate – and it’s vital to choose the correct vessel for your audience and subject!

If writing a white paper (or any other content marketing) is your next marketing activity, let us know if we can help.